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Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs
Kocsák T. / Harangozó Gy.

The ballet by Gyula Harangozó and Tibor Kocsák remains faithful to the finest traditions of the Brothers Grimm. The choreography, the visual appearance of the work and the music in no way diminish the scenes which have a natural hair-raising effect on children, but neither do they contain gratuitous elements purely for effect, playing on basic impulses rather than appealing to the emotions and the intellect. During the performance, children are told a story - whilst adults are promised two hours of worry-free entertainment. 




Act 1 



The first page of the big Snow White story book opens to reveal a picture of dreadful beauty: it is the picture of the menacing, wicked stepmother.  


Scene 1 (In the palace garden) 

The wicked stepmother forces Snow White to work. The servants gladly assist her. When the cleaning is finished the huntsman gives Snow White a white dove as a present. At the sinister arrival of the stepmother everyone disappears. The Prince arrives and instantly falls in love with Snow White. With great difficulty the young couple manage to stay together. Her heart full of fearsome hatred, the wicked stepmother is spying on their close liaison.  


Scene 2 (In the stepmother's room) 

The vain Queen comes into the room in a rage. Her poison evaporates as she sets about her beauty treatment. She gets changed and stands in front of the magic mirror. The spirit of the mirror informs her that Snow White is the fairest in all the world. The stepmother flies into a hideous rage. She calls for the huntsman and orders him to kill Snow White. 


Scene 3 (In the forest) 

On the pretext of collecting butterflies, the hunter tricks Snow White into going into the forest. He tries to carry out the Queen's order, but he has not got the heart to do so. Finally he runs away, leaving Snow White alone. 


Scene 4 (In the mine) 

While Snow White is wandering in the forest, the dwarfs set off for the mine, where they dig for precious stones.  


Scene 5 (In the dwarfs' house) 

Snow White arrives at the dwarfs' house, which is empty. She is hungry and so she eats and drinks, and then she lies down to sleep under a large blanket - across the seven beds. The dwarfs arrive home singing. They are astonished to discover that someone has been in their house. When Snow White moves in the bed they become terrified, but after the first scare they soon make friends with her and take her to their hearts.  


Act 2 


Scene 1 (In the stepmother's room) 

The stepmother is once again standing in front of the magic mirror. The spirit of the mirror shows her that Snow White is living happily in the dwarfs' house. The wicked Queen flies into a hideous rage and enlists the assistance of some monsters in brewing a magic potion. When she drinks it, the stepmother turns into an old woman selling apples. She poisons the most attractive red apple and goes out. 


Scene 2 (In the dwarfs' house and the forest) 

The dwarfs set off for work, leaving Snow White alone. A short time later the old woman arrives. She asks for some water and, as a token of her gratitude, gives the most attractive apple to the girl as a present. Snow White takes a bite of the apple, collapses and dies. At the end of the old woman's victory dance the dwarfs arrive home, thirsting for revenge. They set off after the treacherous murderer who, as she flees, falls into an abyss.  


Scene 3 (In a clearing in the forest) 

Led by the huntsman, the Prince and his entourage search for Snow White. In the distance they hear the mournful singing of the dwarfs. The mourners arrive, bearing Snow White's coffin on their shoulders. The Prince wishes to bid farewell to his beloved. When he kisses her, Snow White comes to life. The lovers pledge eternal faithfulness to each other. A celebration begins. At the end the big Snow White book appears, on the first page of which the wicked stepmother is flaunting herself. Dopey finishes the story: he slams the cover of the book shut on the heartless witch.