The orchestra of the Budapest Opera gave a successful concert in Paris for the memory of Sir Georg Solti

On the 100th anniversary of the birth of the legendary conductor of Hungarian origin, several programmes have been organised in the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. The Orchestra of the Hungarian State Opera has been invited by H. E. Ms. Katalin Bogyay, Ambassador of Hungary to UNESCO. At the beginning of the concert the General Director of our institution, Mr. Szilveszter Ókovács gave a speech commemorating Sir Georg Solti.

Mr. Ókovács addressed the audience as follows:

"He returned home. This message can be seen on the gravestone of Georg Solti (in Hungarian pronounciation György Solti) in Budapest. And indeed, our goal is the same: we want the great Hungarian conductor, fellow countryman of Ormándy, Széll, Reiner, Fricsay, Doráti, Kertész and Ferencsik to return home after one hundred years. We, descendants of earlier generations naturally can not be responsible for the crimes committed by our ancestors, but expressing our regrets and deepest apoligies is a must. The Hungarian State Opera, which was the dream of Georg Solti, and which – not of its own free will – treated him rigidly has now come here with its orchestra – the oldest one in the music history of Hungary - and with its singers to perform for Georg Solti’s memory after 80 years. At the same time, we intend to do the same back in Hungary as well. On the 26th of October – it is a Friday – we are organising an open debate hosted by András Batta Phd., President of The Liszt Academy of Music, an institution  which gave the foundation of Georg Solti’s musical education. After the debate a backstage documentary will be screened made by DECCA in 1966, Wienna of the recording of Richard Wagner’s Götterdämmerung, conducted by Solti. Later that night, following a short, exclusive commemoration behind the curtain – Le nozze di Figaro will be performed on the stage of the Hungarian State Opera, conducted by Péter Halasz, an artist who in his teenage years had an opportunity to meet the legendary conductor. Therefore, we will perform the only opera which has ever been conducted by Solti on one occasion only at the Budapest Opera. And the orchestra playing in the pit will be the same as well. 
Actually, the same orchesta is about to perform here tonight. On the centenary of the birth of an outstanding and honourable artist I wish you all a very pleasant evening. Enjoy the concert."