The Double Bassist ('Monobow' – world premier)

Picnic and park inauguration

When the plans for the Eiffel Art Studios were being developed, we were very glad to see that it would be possible to create some green space where the many demolished ruined buildings had stood. Three hectares of parkland smack in the middle of Budapest and a vast industrial (henceforth cultural!) centre! One that would be suitable for spending time close to nature during intervals of performances or airing out overheated heads during rehearsals, waiting for one’s child to finish with their music lesson and push their little siblings on the swing – as well as for holding special performances, planting grapes and cultivating roses. We hope that the Eiffel Art Studios, the only green space in the Opera’s real estate empire will be all of this and much more besides. Its inauguration will mark the approaching completion of the Eiffel Project, the sole development project undertaken by Hungary’s largest cultural institution since 1984 to start from scratch, from nothing. For the opening of Kodály Park, we have even created a light-hearted one-character comedy, with Gergely Litkai writing the opposite of Patrick Süskind’s famous play The Double Bass. Litkai not only based it on the truth: but eventually on the bitter confessions that the Opera’s principal bassist Péter Boldoghy-Kummer disclosed in his work aiming to reveal the complete truth of the bass, although Litkai might have been working expressly to behold the performer of the new piece in it…

Double Bassist » Péter Boldoghy-Kummert

Director » András Aczél

Our partner » BMW Group Hungary


2020. June 13., Sat, 19:00