Rudi van Dantzig / Toer van Schayk / Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Swan Lake

Classical ballet in three acts

Tchaikovsky’s first ballet is the most beloved classical piece in ballet literature: while the hardships of love between a prince forced into marriage and a maiden enchanted into the form of a swan is one of the most charming Russian romantic fairy tales, the piece nevertheless failed at its original premiere in 1877. The choreographers creating the premiere were simply not equal to Tchaikovsky’s genius. It was Marius Petipa's and Lev Ivanov's choreography that brought fame for the piece and established a tradition, and most companies to this day still dance the piece following this blueprint. Rudi van Dantzig and Toer van Schayk revised this classic creative work in 1988.

The same female ballet dancer portrays both Odette – the pure, innocent white swan– and Odile – the seductive, manipulative black swan in the Hungarian National Ballet’s brand-new production.

Act I
Siegfried’s birthday party in the castle garden To celebrate Siegfried’s eighteenth birthday, Alexander and the courtiers and neighbours have organized a surprise party for him in the garden of the castle. The Prince’s tutor Von Rasposen is irritated by Siegfried and Alexander’s friendly relationship with the local peasants. The festivities are interrupted by the arrival of the Queen, the Prince’s mother. She presents her son with a ring reminding him of his future role as successor to the throne: he will soon have to choose a bride. Siegfried is downcast at the prospect of his youth drawing to a close. As darkness falls he and Alexander ponder on the future. They decide to explore the surrounding forest.

Act II
The meeting with Odette Lost in the forest, Siegfried and Alexander arrive at the banks of a great lake. A huge circling bird of prey fills them with fear: it is as if the form of Von Rasposen is still spying on them. The bird of prey – in fact the wicked magician Von Rothbart – summons a swan out of the dark lake, which takes on human form. In Odette, the Swan Queen, and her retinue of swan maidens, Siegfried believes he has found the realization of his ideal of sincerity and simplicity. Surrounded by these pure shapes he is overcome with joy. He swears to remain forever true to his ideals.

The betrayal During a ball at the castle several brides-in-waiting are presented to Siegfried. But to the amazement of the guests, and to his mother’s alarm, Siegfried refuses to make a choice; all the pomp and splendour contrast starkly with the purity of the vision experienced at the lakeside. Von Rasposen announces the last guests: Von Rothbart, his daughter Odile and their retinue. Siegfried imagines that the Black Swan, Odile, is a manifestation of the White Swan Queen, Odette, but still he wavers. Von Rothbart and Odile blind him with a sensual display of dazzling virtuosity. To Alexander’s dismay Siegfried yields and offers Odile the ring. Too late he realizes that he has betrayed his ideal, Odette. Stricken, he flees back to the lake in despair.

Act IV
The reconciliation with Odette Disillusioned and betrayed, Odette and the swan maidens tarry by the moonlit lakeside, where Siegfried finds them. Odette forgives Siegfried and attempts to comfort him, telling him that he must learn to live with reality. Von Rothbart tries to drive Siegfried away from the lake, but although Siegfried manages to defy him, he drowns in the waters. Von Rasposen abandons his futile search for the Prince, while Alexander discovers the lifeless body of his friend. In Alexander, Siegfried’s ideals will live on.

General cast

Imre Kollár / András Déri
Odette /Odile
Elizaveta Cheprasova / Minjung Kim / Tatiana Melnik / Aliya Tanykpayeva
Gergő Ármin Balázsi / Zoltán Oláh / Gergely Leblanc / Dmitry Timofeev
Attila Szakács / Vladyslav Melnyk / Roland Liebich / Mikalai Radziush
Máté Bakó / Ievgen Lagunov / Boris Myasnikov
Pas de trois girls
Lili Felméry / Adrienn Pap / Ildikó Boros / Cristina Balaban / Yourim Lee / Yuliya Golovyna
Big Swan 1
Nika Crnić / Ágnes Kelemen
Big Swan 2
Judit Varga / Adrienn Horányi
Little Swan 1
Yourim Lee / Cristina Balaban
Little Swan 2
Rita Hangya / Yuka Asai
Little Swan 3
Olga Chernakova / Ildikó Boros
Little Swan 4
Lilla Purszki / Lili Felméry
Bride 1
Jiyoun Chung / Nika Crnić
Bride 2
Yuiko Adachi / Ágnes Kelemen
Bride 3
Vivienne Csokán / Anna Krupp
Bride 4
Emi Uehara / Angela Mingardo
Bride 5
Judit Varga / Polen Gezmis Obengül
Bride 6
Danielle Gould / Adema Omarova
Spanish girl 1
Lea Földi / Vivienne Csokán
Spanish girl 2
Rotter Barbara / Yuiko Adachi
Spanish girl 3
Polen Gezmis Obengül / Danielle Gould
Spanish boy 1
Mark James Biocca / Attila Szakács
Spanish boy 2
Takaaki Okajima / József Medvecz
Pas de six girl solo
Adrienn Pap / Cristina Balaban / Karina Sarkissova
Pas de six boy solo
Ievgen Lagunov / Yuya Takahashi / András Rónai
Pas de six girl 1
Olga Chernakova / Yourim Lee / Rita Hangya
Pas de six girl 2
Rosa Pierro / Yuliya Golovyna / Lilla Purszki
Pas de six boy 1
Maksym Kovtun / Umberto Aragno / Carlos Taravillo Mahillo
Pas de six boy 2
Gaetano Cottonaro / Benjamin Babácsi / Ryosuke Morimoto
Neapolitan girl 1
Tatiana Vdovicheva / Artemisz Bakó-Pisla
Neapolitan girl 2
Kateryna Tarasova / Emi Uehara
Neapolitan girl 3
Yuka Asai / Anri Okada
Neapolitan boy 1
Umberto Aragno / Balázs Majoros / Gaetano Cottonaro
Neapolitan boy 2
Bálint Katona / Daniele Ruggiero
Neapolitan boy 3
Dávid Molnár / Yuya Takahashi
Hungarian girl solo
Eszter Kazinczy / Jessica Carulla Leon / Dace Radina
Hungarian boy solo
Ricardo Vila M. / Miklós Dávid Kerényi / Gábor Szigeti


Choreography after Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov
Rudi van Dantzig
Choreography of folk dances
Toer van Schayk
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Set designer
Toer van Schayk
Costume designer
Toer van Schayk
Assistant set and costume designer
Ruud Lutgens
Lighting designer
Jan Hofstra
Eleonora Demichelis / Toer van Schayk / Caroline Iura
Ballet Masters
Maina Gielgud / Csaba Sebestyén / Marianna Venekei / Tamás Tengler / György Szirb / Ildikó Pongor / Angéla Kövessy / Imre Dózsa / Mária Aradi

April 25, 2015


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R. van Dantzig-T. van Schayk-P. I. Csajkovszkij: A hattyúk tava | Swan Lake