Bach in the Subways

Johann Sebastian Bach is indeed the standard, and participating in the voluntary and self-organised Bach in the Subways global event is an honour, especially thinking of the fact that our performance may just be that moment for someone where they will no longer be able to avoid classical music (or rather music with timeless validity and aesthetics) - after a few minutes, they may never want to. Our usual “street” performance will be expanded for Christian Spirit Season: we will be including an unlikely transcendent piece, number 51, which is the most attractive solo cantata and requires both a coloratura soprano and a piccolo trumpet player with special skills. And our new venue will be the Keleti Railway Station’s ticket hall, though we will naturally also be performing in our usual spot in the stop on II. János Pál pápa tér, which is quite close to Erkel Theatre. And we won’t be leaving out the Coffee Cantata, either, with its cheerfulness and word play.

Bach: Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen, BWV 51
         Coffee Cantata, BWV 211 

Conductor and harpsichord: Péter Oberfrank

Featuring Klára Kolonits, Zita Váradi, Zoltán Megyesi, Zoltán Bátki-Fazekas (vocals), Kata Scheuring (flute), Mihály Könyves-Tóth (trumpet), and the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra.


2020. March 21., Sat, 11:00
2020. March 21., Sat, 16:00