Ferenc Erkel

Bánk bán

Concert recital in Hungarian and Italian, with Hungarian and English surtitles
In addition to presenting productions for the Hungarian audience, the Hungarian State Opera also considers it its duty to acqaint the international opera world with important Hungarian works. This is the reason for including Ferenc Erkel's Bánk bán in our upcoming New York tour, as well as the driving force behind this idea of having our artists performing this gem of the Hungarian Romantic music literature sing a few of the passages in Italian. Also serving to educate the world about this work will be the recording that will be made of the excerpts being sung at the concert.
This will therefore be a remarkable evening, with classic melodies being sung partly in Italian.

Excerpts sung in Italian:
Drinking song from Act 1 – “Ha férfi lelkedet…” (“If you offer up your soul to a lady, men...”) – translated by Adamo Luciani
Bánk's aria from Act 1 – “Hogy e szemek vakok…” (“With my eyes blinded...”) – translated by Ferenc Anger
Melinda's aria from Act 2 – “Ölj meg engemet, Bánk…” (“Kill me, Bánk!”) – translated by Ferenc Anger
Bánk's grand aria – “Mint száműzött…” (“Like an exile...”) – translated by Oliviero Bagnoli
Tiborc's lament – „Nagyúr, Bánk! Jó napot!” (“Lord Bánk! I wish you good day!”) – translated by Adamo Luciani
Gertrud and Bánk's duet from Act 2 – „Bánk bán, te itt?” – (“Lord Bánk! What are you doing here?”) translated by Ferenc Anger
"Mad scene" from Act 3 – translated by Ferenc Anger


Erkel Theatre
June 16, 2018
Start time
End time


Tamás Pál
Endre II, king of Hungary
András Káldi Kiss
Gertrud, his queen
Ildikó Komlósi
Péter Balczó
Bánk bán, the viceroy
Boldizsár László
Melinda, his wife
Orsolya Hajnalka Rőser
Tiborc, a peasant
Csaba Szegedi
Petur bán, leader of the nobles
Zoltán Kelemen
Biberach, a knight-errant
Lajos Geiger
Gergely Irlanda


Béni Egressy / Kálmán Nádasdy
Acting chorus director
Gábor Csiki


2018. June 16., Sat, 19:00