Joseph Haydn

Il mondo della luna (The World on the Moon)

Comic opera in three acts, in Hungarian

A science-fiction comedy from 1777, from the imagination of Carlo Goldoni with music written by Joseph Haydn for the occasion of the wedding of Miklós Esterházy's younger son.

The father of the symphony and string quartet composed a number of operas during his 24-year sojourn at the Esterházy castle. He based one of the most interesting of these on a popular comedy by Goldoni which four other composers had already composed operas for. A charlatan astrologer, Ecclitico, and the young Ernesto have fallen in love with the two daughters of the wealthy Buonafede, but their father will not give his blessing to the union. A marvellous journey to the moon, however, puts everything in a different light...

Attila Toronykőy's new production of this scintillating comic opera is performed at the Baroque Theatre of the Royal Palace of Gödöllő.

Phoney astronomer Ecclitico is set on tricking Buonafede into allowing his daughters, Clarice and Flaminia, as well as their maidservant Lisetta, to choose the husbands their hearts desire, who would happen to be, respectively, Ecclito himself, the nobleman Ernesto and his servant Cecco. They drug Buonafede and take him to Ecclito's garden, where the girls' father fancies he has landed on the moon. The youngsters conjure up a unique lunar world for the bamboozled Buonafede, who concludes his “journey” by giving his blessing to the amorous unions.

General cast

László Bartal
Tivadar Kiss
Zoltán Daragó
András Kiss
Nóra Ducza
Eszter Zavaros
Nadin Haris
Gergely Ujvári


Carlo Goldoni
Lajos Csákovics
Attila Toronykőy
Set and costume designer
Katalin Juhász

Nov. 20, 2015


2016. November 04., Fri, 19:00
2016. November 05., Sat, 19:00
2017. April 07., Fri, 19:00
2017. April 08., Sat, 19:00