Instrumental magic at the Erkel Theatre

Hangvilla season ticket

Recommended for children ages 4 to 7
We offer a step-by-step course to teach our audience the customs and habits associated with going to the theatre and listening to music. With the help of interactive games they will get closer to the indispensable foundation of opera and ballet performances: music and the orchestral instruments that produce it.

Hostess: Mária Nagy, a musician with the Opera’s orchestra.

Location: Erkel Theatre, 1st Floor, Bernáth Buffet 

Hangjegy (Musical Note) season pass (on Sundays from 9 am):

Hangvilla (Tuning Fork) season pass (on Sundays from 9 am):

Season pass: 4.000 Ft/pass/person
Individual tickets are available for 1200 Ft per session. 

Arrive with pre-purchased tickets 15 minutes prior to the beginning and use the Erkel Theatre's main entrance.
Warning: the ticket office opens at 10 am.

Hungarian-language discussion programme.
Youth programme


Erkel Theatre – Bernáth Buffet
April 1, 2018
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2017. October 29., Sun, 09:00
2017. November 05., Sun, 09:00
2018. January 14., Sun, 09:00
2018. February 04., Sun, 09:00
2018. February 18., Sun, 09:00
2018. March 11., Sun, 09:00
2018. April 01., Sun, 09:00
2018. May 13., Sun, 09:00