Kádár's Last Speech

Historical cross-fades
World premiere
On 12 April 1989, Janos Kádár unexpectedly addressed the closed meeting of the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Central Committee. In the days preceding the regime change, the then 77-year-old party secretary attempted to account for his role and responsibility in the period since 1945. His rambling, often nearly incoherent speech hangs heavy with the weight of old crimes, and between the many silences and equivocations, the truth creeps in, with all of its horror.

On the 60th anniversary of the revolution of 1956, the chamber drama created from the final speech is being staged at the unique venue of the Opera House.

General cast

János Kádár
Mihály Farkas
Gábor Péter
László Rajk


Concept by
Szilveszter Ókovács
Visuals, video
Sándor Kiss
Tamás Novák


2016. October 23., Sun, 19:00
2016. October 25., Tue, 19:00
2016. October 26., Wed, 19:00
2016. October 27., Thu, 19:00
2016. October 28., Fri, 19:00
2016. October 29., Sat, 19:00
2016. October 30., Sun, 19:00
2016. November 02., Wed, 19:00
2016. November 03., Thu, 19:00
2016. November 04., Fri, 19:00