Royal Music hall

The series of chamber concerts put on by the Hungarian State Opera and members of the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra continues. Within the intimate setting that chamber music provides, these concerts feature musicians whose work we generally only hear from the orchestra pit or the concert stage. Few people are aware that a significant number of Hungary’s oldest and largest symphony orchestra are internationally known and acclaimed musicians in their own right, including many winners of music competitions both at home and abroad. We hope that, besides the musical experience itself, we will be able to convey the joy of recognising these artistic achievements to our guests.

Presenter: Gábor Eckhardt
Programme producer: Csaba Bartos
Photo by Nagy Attila


Opera House – Bertalan Székely Hall
Jan. 14, 2017
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2016. October 01., Sat, 16:00
2016. November 12., Sat, 15:00
2016. December 10., Sat, 16:00
2017. January 14., Sat, 16:00
2017. February 11., Sat, 16:00
2017. March 11., Sat, 16:00
2017. April 29., Sat, 16:00
2017. May 13., Sat, 16:00