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Ballet show in two parts
The classics live on with us: this two-part production from the Hungarian National Ballet features one work from Harald Lander and another by George Balanchine, with the latter piece making its first appearance in Hungary.
Études is one of choreographer Harald Lander's most outstanding creations, one that he crafted for the Danish Royal Ballet in 1948. Études depicts the everyday work of ballet dancers in its full reality and grandeur: the beauty and aesthetics of classical ballet and the joy and thrill of Dance.
Although Tchaikovsky never intended his four orchestral suites to be used as ballet pieces, George Balanchine felt that they immediately suggest the idea of dance. The choreography Theme and Variations, now considered a classic, evokes the golden age of Russian ballet and celebrates its memory. The work, set in a ballroom, features solo and corps de ballet dances performed by a male and a female principal and the corps. True to its title, they faithfully follow all 12 variations explored in a single movement of one of Tchaikovsky's suites.

The production is being presented by the National Dance Theatre and will take place at Müpa Budapest.

Theme & Variations

Ballet in one act
Choreography by George Balanchine ˆ The George Balanchine Trust

General cast

Main female soloist
Elizaveta Cheprasova / Lea Földi / Aliya Tanykpayeva
Main male soloist
Gergő Ármin Balázsi / Zoltán Oláh / Gergely Leblanc


George Balanchine
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Costume designer
István Rózsa
Costume designer
Nóra Rományi
Lighting designer
Tamás Solymosi
John Clifford
Company répétiteurs
Marianna Venekei / Mária Aradi

Nov. 15, 2017


Classical ballet in one act

General cast

Alexandra Kozmér / Karina Sarkissova / Minjung Kim
First soloist
Ievgen Lagunov / Gergő Ármin Balázsi / András Rónai
Second soloist
Zoltán Oláh / Gergely Leblanc / Dmitry Timofeev


Harald Lander
Czerny’s music adapted for the ballet by
Knudåge Riisager
Artistic consultant
Lise Lander
Johnny Eliasen
Ballet Masters
György Szirb / Ildikó Pongor / Angéla Kövessy

March 22, 2014


2017. November 15., Wed, 19:00
2017. November 16., Thu, 19:00
2017. November 17., Fri, 19:00
2017. November 25., Sat, 11:00
2017. November 25., Sat, 19:00
2017. November 26., Sun, 11:00
2017. November 26., Sun, 19:00

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