Michael Messerer / Alexander Krein


Ballet in two acts
Laurencia is an opulent, spectacular and truly – in the positive sense of the word – theatrical ballet: scorching hot emotions and movements bursting with explosive power, in which classical steps are intertwined with fiery Spanish rhythms. Amidst virtuoso soloists and duets, harmonic ensembles and exciting crowd scenes unfolds a dramatic tale inspired by Lope de Vega’s play Fuente Ovejuna: the violent suppression of a budding love affair compels the community to rebel against the blind and brutal powers-that-be. 

Nóra Rományi and István Rózsa have reconceived the visuals, based on the original designs by Vadin Ryndin, for this choreography updated by Michael Messerer to serve as the Hungarian National Ballet’s new full-length production.

General cast

Pavel Sorokin
Cristina Balaban / Sofia Ivanova-Skoblikova / Aliya Tanykpayeva / Tatiana Melnik
Balázs Majoros / Gergő Ármin Balázsi / Dmitry Timofeev / Gergely Leblanc
Rita Hangya / Yourim Lee / Cristina Balaban / Elizaveta Cheprasova
Karina Sarkissova / Minjung Kim / Diana Kosyreva / Lili Felméry
Miklós Dávid Kerényi / András Rónai / Balázs Majoros / Ievgen Lagunov
Attila Szakács / Vladyslav Melnyk / Mikalai Radziush / Iurii Kekalo


After Vakhtang Chabukiani's choreography by the original play Lope de Vega: Fuente Ovejuna Choreographer
Michael Messerer
Alexander Krein
Set designer by the original design of Vadim Ryndin
István Rózsa
Costume designer by the original design of Vadim Ryndin
Nóra Rományi
Lighting designer
Kirk Bookman
Staging ballet masters
Evgeny Popov / Anna Andrushko
Company répétiteurs
Mária Aradi / Imre Dózsa / Ildikó Pongor / Dace Radina / Attila Szakács

March 6, 2020


2020. March 06., Fri, 19:00
2020. March 07., Sat, 11:00
2020. March 07., Sat, 19:00
2020. March 08., Sun, 11:00
2020. March 08., Sun, 19:00
2020. March 11., Wed, 19:00
2020. March 12., Thu, 19:00