Sir Kenneth MacMillan / Franz Liszt / John Lanchbery


Ballet in three acts


Kenneth MacMillan's fourth full-length ballet relates the tragic story of the heir to the Austrian throne and his mistress. The choreographer's treatment of the 1889 double suicide of Crown Prince Rudolf and Mary Vetsera in light of the social, political and personal pressures that beset the two protagonists resulted in an extraordinarily shocking work, one widely considered to be his most outstanding. John Lanchbery selected the music for the ballet from the oeuvre of a Hungarian composer whose world renown led to his creating work for Empress Elisabeth. The role of Rudolf is one of the most trying challenges in the ballet literature, with the crown prince's psychological and emotional collapse depicted through two exceptionally intense pas de deux.
With Mayerling, MacMillan broke with 19th-century conventions and created a ballet that better matched the harsher realism of our time. 

General cast

Domonkos Héja
Rudolf trónörökös
Gergely Leblanc / Igor Tsvirko / Zoltán Oláh
Vetsera Mária
Lili Felméry / Tatiana Melnik / Aliya Tanykpayeva
Larisch grófnő
Karina Sarkissova / Lea Földi / Cristina Balaban
Erzsébet császárné
Aleszja Popova / Ágnes Kelemen / Kseniia Kulikova
Stefánia hercegnő
Yuliya Golovyna / Anna Krupp / Ildikó Boros
Kasper Mici
Jessica Carulla Leon / Diana Kosyreva / Kristina Starostina
András Rónai / Miklós Dávid Kerényi / Balázs Majoros


Sir Kenneth MacMillan
Music compiled from the works of Ferenc Liszt and arranged by
John Lanchbery
Gillian Freeman
Set and costume designer
Nicholas Georgiadis
Lighting designer
John B. Read
Company répétiteurs
Mária Aradi / Imre Dózsa / Angéla Kövessy / Ildikó Pongor / György Szirb / Marianna Venekei

April 24, 2004