Richard Wagner


Festival play in three acts, in German, with Hungarian and English surtitles
In Parsifal, his final music drama, Wagner addresses the fear of earthly temptations and sinful desires by embedding them in a tale of redemption. The composer depicts this spiritual theme with a personal tone mixing religious and profane conceptions of love. “Just wait! Wagner’s not long for this world! A man who is capable of producing a thing of that order cannot have much time left on earth!” This was the reaction of the director of Leipzig’s theatre, who was particularly affected by the power of the sensual seduction dressed up as an Easter ceremony and the mysterious mixture of faith and music. 
The Opera timed the staging of the new production specifically for the Christian Season. Responsible for its visual world is Sebastian Hannak, who also designed those of Porgy and Bess and The Fairy Queen. Artistic Director András Almási-Tóth will direct, and Principal Musical Director Balázs Kocsár will conduct.

General cast

Balázs Kocsár
Michele Kalmandy
István Rácz
Gábor Bretz / András Palerdi
Magnus Vigilius / István Kovácsházi
Károly Szemerédy
Andrea Szántó
Old Kundry
Judit Németh
First page
Eszter Zavaros
Second page
Anna Fürjes univ. stud.
Third page
János Szerekován
Fourth page
Gergely Ujvári
I/1st flower-maiden
Lilla Horti
I/2nd flower-maiden
Ildikó Megyimórecz
I/3rd flower-maiden
Sahakyan Lusine
II/1st flower-maiden
Rita Rácz
II/2nd flower-maiden
Sárközi Xénia
II/3rd flower-maiden
Melinda Heiter
Parsifal's Mother / A Voice from above
Gabriella Balga
Young Parsifal
Benjámin Taba / Kóbor Demeter
Emma Lőrincz / Laura Fehér / Emese Nagy / Tünde Tonhaizer / Bea Egyed


Richard Wagner
András Almási-Tóth
Set designer
Sebastian Hannak
Costume designer
Izsák Lili
Dóra Barta
Enikő Perczel
Chorus director
Gábor Csiki
Head of the Children’s Chorus
Nikolett Hajzer

April 10, 2020


2020. April 10., Fri, 17:00
2020. April 13., Mon, 17:00
2020. April 16., Thu, 17:00
2020. April 19., Sun, 17:00
2020. May 28., Thu, 17:00
2020. May 30., Sat, 17:00