PRIMAVERA '18 - Giuseppe Verdi: Ernani - Szeged National Theatre

Opera in four acts, three parts, in Italian, with Hungarian surtitles
Libretto after Victor Hugo's play Hernani written by Francesco Maria Piave.

Ernani – Boldizsár László
Don Carlos – Zoltán Kelemen
Don Ruy Gomez de Silva – Antal Cseh
Elvira – Nadia Cerchez
Giovanni – Tímea Zita Somogyvári
Don Riccardo – Gábor Bónus
Iago – Attila Major

Director – Attila Toronykőy
Set and costume designer – Katalin Juhász
Choreographer – József Varga
Hungarian surtitles – Anna Varsányi
Chorus director – Kornélia Kovács
Prompter – Anikó Zsoldos
Stage managers – Petra Kürtös, Sándor Stefanik
Musical assistants – Gergely Flórián, Rita Zalánki, Arianna Orsini
Assistant director – Zoltán Czene

Conductor – Tamás Pál

Featuring the Szeged Symphony Orchestra and the chorus and dance ensemble of the National Theatre of Szeged.

One of the greatest triumphs of Verdi's career was the 1844 opera Ernani. In the years after it was written, it ran in hundreds of opera houses on the Italian peninsula and in France.
How could it be that we in the modern opera world – both producers and consumers of the genre – do not really know this work that was once so popular? The answer lies with Verdi himself, who made a final break with the bel canto style seven years later with Rigoletto, steering opera in the direction of a more realistic depiction of actual people and their lives. The new style required a different approach and a different singing technique. Singers began to increasingly let go of the qualities of the voice (power, colour and range) and dramatic expressive force.
Ernani's rebirth took place as part of the musical rediscovery movements of the 20th century. Once disparaged and underrated, Verdi's youthful works started to appear on opera stages again, and have remained there ever since.


2018. May 16., Wed, 19:00