Popular Christian Music for Whitsunday

The Hungarian subheading quotes Albert Szenczi Molnár’s Hungarian translation of Psalm 136 of the Geneva Bible, because this programme is not just for Catholics and not just for Protestants. The Hungarian State Opera’s Christian Festival in the similar thematic season comes to a close during the days of Pentecost. Since there are few things as colourful as the many types of services to praise God, now, when we receive the gift of versatile communication, is an apt time to think of other genres, for example within the world of music. That’s why, starting from noon, the main hall of our new centre in Kőbánya will host back-to-back concerts given by the best bands and soloists in Christian pop music. In fact, we hope even bands from church secondary schools will come, along with performers who put godly poems to music.

Producer and Host Gábor Tornay and András Tornay, ex-Continental Singers


2020. June 01., Mon, 12:00