Richter János102 - The Sacred Wagner


We Hungarians are used to seeing a compatriot of ours in the focus of every important event, or if not exactly there then at least somewhere on the periphery. Well, who else could have been the one to premiere the most important piece of 19th century music other than the Hungarian János Richter, who was born in Győr? The artist, who was a friend of Wagner and Liszt's, later often turned up at the Opera House, and was also linked to the establishment of the London Symphony Orchestra: we are remembering him on his birthday with an orchestral concert.

Conductor: Lothar Zagrosek
Acting chorus director: Gábor Csiki
Featuring the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra and Chorus

First part

Palestrina/Wagner: Stabat Mater
Rita Rácz, Lúcia Megyesi Schwartz, János Szerekován, Máté Fülep, Nóra Ducza, Melinda Heiter, Ferenc Kristofori, Zoltán Gradsach
Conductor: Gábor Csiki

Wagner: Tannhäuser
Overture - Closing scene
Pilgrim's Chorus
Elisabeth's prayer from Act 3 ('Allmächtige Jungfrau...")
Rome Narrative from Act 3 ('Inbrunst im Herzen...')
Featuring: Szilvia Rálik, István Kovácsházi

Second part

Wagner: Parsifal

Good Friday Music
Kundry's scene from Act 2
Closing scene
Featuring: Andre Szántó, István Kovácsházi, Zoltán Kelemen, András Palerdi


2018. May 21., Mon, 19:30