In the traditional DanceTrend programme, contemporary dancers, arrangers, choreographers and independent companies get a chance to introduce themselves. In the second half of the programme, audiences will get to know the Hungarian National Ballet’s choreography, entitled Between the Balance.
The Badora Dance Company will perform the choreography by Dóra Barta entitled The Devil's Sand (God Created Man from the Sand that the Devil Brought up from the Depths of the Sea). The work of Attila Kozma, Fellini Étude, will be shown by the Miskolc Ballet.

Dóra Barta – Badora Dance Company: God Created Man from the Sand that the Devil Brought up from the Depths of the Sea

Costumes: Julcsi Kiss
Lighting: Zoltán Katonka
Consultant: Tamás Szabó
Director-Choreographer: Dóra Barta
Danced by: The members of the Badora Dance Company

In Transylvania, traditional belief has it that God made Man from the sand that the Devil brought up from the depths of the ocean. So, out of gratitude, Man raised a church to his Creator. But waiting proved useless: God just wouldn't come back to him. He had to acknowledge that he was alone. Instead of divine mercy, all he saw in the world was ruthless selfishness and cruelty. So he left to seek out Peace. He went, but just couldn't find what he was looking for. But he did gain wisdom from one experience: he realised that it was no use seeking for Heaven and Hell on earth. He would never find either of them, because both of them were inside him: no matter where he goes or what he does, they are there with him.

Miskolc Ballet: Fellini Études

Set and costume designer: Edit Zeke
Composer: Giovanni Sollima, Adam Hurst
Choreographer: Attila Kozma
Zampano: Marian Aurel Muresan
Gelsomina: Andrea Kocsis
Fool: Levente Szabó
Widow: Rita Tokai
Redhead: Viktória Szeles
Mother: Cintia Mohai

In this dance production, premiered in March 2015 in memory of the landmark Italian film director Federico Fellini, the dancers of the Miskolc Ballet guide us through the mysteries of the relationships between men and women. It's an adaptation, staged by Attila Kozma, the company's artistic head, of the Italian film director's magical realist masterpiece La Strada, which tells the tale of an unusual love triangle. The dance production examines exciting questions. How do people wind up with each other? What force causes them to stay together, and why do they grow apart? What kinds of relationships are born from anxiety, mistrust and fear? And where does that magic thing we call love originate from?

Hungarian National Ballet: Between the Balance

Choreography: Gould Danielle, Starostina Kristina, Kekalo Iurii
Dancers: Starostina Kristina, Gould Danielle, Crnic Nika, Cottonaro Gaetano, Okajima Takaaki, Biocca Mark James

Two giant Italian composers – Verdi and Rossini – each wrote their own Otello. At the request of Tamás Solymosi, three young young choreographers from the Hungarian National Ballet – Kristina Starostina, Danielle Gould and Iurii Kekalo – have created a choreography to motifs from both works. This production explores the overwhelming emotional states in Shakespeare original drama: lust, contempt, jealousy, madness and grief. Completed in the autumn of 2015, the work has so far only been presented to the public on 23 October, the Opera's open day.


2016. April 29., Fri, 19:00