V4 Opera Galas

In December 2017, as Hungary took over the presidency of the Visegrád Four group, the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra gave a superb gala concert at MÜPA Budapest featuring Edita Gruberová, Atala Schöck and others. This gala production – which showcases performers representing all four nations – will be visiting the three other capital cities of the group in April, along with our orchestra. Later on, in the autumn, the Hungarian State Opera as a whole will join in and set off on a V4 opera tour.

The V4 Opera Gala Tour is being presented by MÜPA Budapest.

Sponsors: the Government of Hungary, Public Foundation for the Research of Central and East European History and Society, V4 Presidency

Soloists: Edita Gruberová, Atala Schöck, Szilvia Vörös, Krzysztof Bączyk

Featuring: the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra

Conductor: Peter Valentovič / János Kovács

8 April 2018, 7 pm, Concert Hall of the Slovak Philharmonic, Bratislava
11 April 2018, 7 pm, National Philharmonic in Warsaw, Warsaw
13 April 2018, 7 pm, Municipal House, Smetana Hall, Prague


2018. April 08., Sun, 19:00
2018. April 11., Wed, 19:00
2018. April 13., Fri, 19:00