Symphonic Orchestral Concerts 2019/20
Between the summers of 2019 and 2020, the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra will take the stage to perform independent symphony music on nearly 70 different occasions, as well as playing in the orchestra pit for around 300 opera and ballet performances. In the 2019/2020 season, the Orchestra is giving the following concert performances:

30 September 2019: Opera182 (Mozart, Rybnikov)
28 October 2019: Orchestral concerts 2 (de la Rue, Pärt, Honegger)
20 January 2020: Orchestral concerts 5 (Prokofiev, Haydn, Weber, Hindemith)
10 February 2020: Orchestral concerts 6 (Bizet–Shchedrin, Rachmaninoff)
15 May 2020: 20th century Christian music concert (Britten, Debussy)

Strengthening the Soul with the Music of Mourning of the Past and Present

What links together the three musical works in this programme is the fact that they all evoke the Gregorian period and start mournfully before eventually leading to a sense of reconciliation. The requiem mass for unaccompanied choir written by Flemish Renaissance composer Pierre de la Rue will be juxtaposed, movement-by-movement, with the contemporary Estonian Arvo Pärt’s Symphony No. 3, a piece harking back to a medieval sound. Concluding the concert will be Arthur Honegger’s Liturgical Symphony. A remembrance of World War Two, the work is a musical whirlwind of dissonance expressing the horrors of the conflict, but with Gregorian quotes indicating that the fire of humanity – while diminished to embers – had not been extinguished.
The Hungarian-themed photos in the video montage accompanying tonight's performance of Symphonie Liturgique have been provided by the Hungarian National Museum.

Pierre de la Rue: Requiem – excerpts (conductor: Gábor Csiki)
Arvo Pärt: Symphony No. 3
Arthur Honegger: Symphony No. 3 (Symphonie Liturgique)

Conductor » Balázs Kocsár

Featuring the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra and Chorus.
Chorus Director » Gábor Csiki


Erkel Theatre
Oct. 28, 2019
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2019. September 30., Mon, 19:30
2019. October 28., Mon, 19:30
2020. January 20., Mon, 19:30
2020. February 10., Mon, 19:30
2020. May 15., Fri, 19:30