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For artists and budding artists
The Hungarian State Opera considers nurturing and developing Hungary’s vocal culture to be among its key tasks. The Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music, where nearly all of its singers and musicians graduated, shares the same vision. In this spirit, and continuing along the path charted in 2012, world-famous artists will once again be holding master classes in the new season. The art of Júlia Hamari, Yevgeny Nesterenko and Dénes Gulyás requires no special introduction: all voice types will benefit from their guidance. All classes are held at the Academy of Music, and are open and free of charge to Hungarian and foreign singers at the Opera, as well as students of the music academy. (The teachers reserve the right to limit the number of students.) The courses will conclude on their final afternoon with a public concert in the Bertalan Székely Hall.

Applications should be sent via e-mail.

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Partner : Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music