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The Hungarian State Opera hereby informs its employees and the general public that on 3 September, an artist of the Hungarian National Ballet tested positive for COVID-19. The Opera ceased all ballet rehearsals and sent every member of the ballet company home. Furthermore, the PCR testing of everyone in close contact with this artist has been ordered in accordance with guidelines issued by the relevant authorities.

The updated pandemic rules of the Opera comes to effect on 4 September, which – instead of the recommendation that has been effect until now – orders the mandatory wear of face masks.

For the time being, the previously announced programme of the institute is unchanged. In order to preserve the health of the employees and the audiences, the public is kindly requested to consult the website of the Hungarian State Opera ( for relevant and official information about the changes in the pandemic situation. The Opera wishes to express its gratitude to its employees fulfilling the requirements of the quarantine and wishes everyone affected by the virus a full recovery.

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