National Songs – virtual encounters between singers and students during isolation

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A new initiative by the Hungarian State Opera invites students who are to stay at home during the closure of schools from 16 March to take part in a game organised to encourage daily singing.

Students and artists of the Opera are eagerly awaiting the time at home when they can return to normal everyday life. However, their longing to contribute to the easing the stress of isolation is exemplary. Every morning, a different opera singers records an easy-to-learn Hungarian folk song on video, which are posted on the community sites of the Opera (Facebook, YouTube) as well as

Students can record themselves singing the daily song and send the video to the Opera. The following day, a winner is chosen and announced, their video is posted on YouTube. Furthermore, all the winners will have the chance to sing the greatest national song, the Hungarian National Anthem at the inauguration of the Eiffel Art Studios together with the members of the Hungarian State Opera Children's Chorus, and their parents will get an invitation to the event as well.

The National Songs are uploaded daily HERE.



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