Puccini: Manon Lescaut – highlights (30 September 2020)

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The highlights from a recent production of Puccini's Manon Lescaut were available live from 8 p.m. on 30 September 2020 on the Facebook page of the Opera and Origo.hu.

Puccini's imagination was captivated by the love story of Manon Lescaut and the Chevalier des Grieux, in which the protagonists defy social norms and the accepted moral law in order to be with each other, as a similar tale of passion had taken place in the composer's own life: his affair with Elvira Bonturi, a liaison that stirred enormous emotions in him but which, owing to the strictness of Italian law, could not become an official marriage, filled his life. More than one associate tried to talk him out of using the subject, not only because of his own personal proximity to it, but because of the tremendous success of Massenet's own Manon as well. Fortunately, however, Puccini could not be swayed, and his first nationwide success was born, which was soon conquering stages all over the world.

The current production of Manon Lescaut was first staged by Máté Szabó in 2019, during the Puccini's Italy season of the Opera. The highlights featuring sets by Balázs Horesnyi and costumes by Anni Füzér were adapted for the stage by Judit Niklai and Erika Tóth. The title role was sung by Gabriella Létay Kiss, she was joined on stage by Gergely Boncsér (Des Grieux), Csaba Szegedi (Lescaut), András Palerdi (Géronte de Ravoir) and András Kiss (Naval Captain). The excerpts were narrated by Dániel Mona, featured on the piano was László Bartal.

The performance can be seen HERE.

Photo by Valter Berecz