Terzet-Trio 20 (22 February 2021)

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On 22 February 2021, in the  20th episode of Terzet-Trio, chorus members paid homage to one of the greatest composers of Lieder, whereas musicians made a selection of works by famous masters and apprentices. The performance was streamed from 8:00 p.m. on Facebook and Origo.hu.

The Opera Chorus had several times presented programmes dedicated to composers on a special anniversary. It was exactly on 22 February 118 years ago that the Austrian composer Hugo Wolf (1860–1903) known for his songs passed away. He wrote about 300 so-called "psychological" songs, in which music and poetry are so well interwoven that made him the greatest and last composer of the German Lied. His cycle Mignon Lieder, based on poems by Goethe was interpreted by Nadin Haris and Éva Leszkovszki-Tóth accompanied on the piano by Krisztina Andrássy-Neuenstein.

Musicians of the Opera Orchestra selected pieces by composers whose influence on other composers was significant. The Italian Saverio Mercadante (1795–1870) is lesser-known nowadays, but was popular in his time, and the structure of his operas, his melodies and orchestration played an influential role in the development of Verdi's technique. Serenata in F Major for Flute, English Horn, Harp and Cello was performed by Zsófia Biró, Nóra Baráth, Beáta Simon and Endre Stankowsky. The Pre-classicist composer Johann Christian Bach (1735–1782), also known as the London Bach, had an impact on Mozart, who was a student of his in the British capital for several months. Flute Quartet in C Major (W.B 64) was played by Zsuzsanna V. Menyhárt, Dóra Gjorgjevic (flute), Áron Dóczi (violin) and Péter Boldoghy Kummert (cello). The programme also featured a piece by the famous student as well. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–1791) was already an accomplished composer when he referred to how much he owed to his old master. The first movement of his Horn Quintet was performed by János Benyus (French horn), Haruka Nagao (violin), Péter Kondor, Balázs Tóth (viola) and János Fehérvári (cello).

The performance can be viewed HERE.

Photo by Valter Berecz