Terzet-Trio-Trois 12 (11 December 2020)

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In the 11 December 2020 programme of Terzet-Trio-Trois, viewers could hear the Chorus perform German songs. The Orchestra focused on Viennese classical composers, whereas the Hungarian National Ballet Institute continued the festive preparations with an excerpt from The Nutcracker. The event was streamed from 8:00 p.m. on Facebook and Origo.hu.

In the early episodes of the series, the Opera Chorus presented a selection of German songs, and it was time for them to explore the vast selection of Lieder again. Robert Schumann (1810–1856) composed no less than 137 songs. His cycle Vier Duette (Four Duets), Op. 78, composed for soprano and tenor voices was performed by Rita Hertelendy and József Csobolya. The composer Max Reger (1873–1916) is primarily known as the author of organ pieces. During his short life – similarly to Schumann – he composed 250 piano songs to poems by renowned poets. The songs Nacht (At Night)Sommernacht (Summer Night) és O Frage nicht! (O Question Not!) from the collection 5 Duette (5 Duets), Op. 14, were sung by Inez Dörgő and Evelin Máthé. The artists were accompanied on the piano by Krisztina Andrássy-Neuenstein.

The Opera Orchestra presented works by composers of the First Viennese School and an artist close to them. The 250th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827) is celebrated worldwide. The first movement (Allegro con spirito) from his String Trio in C Minor, Op. 9 No. 3 was performed by Ferenc Keskeny (violin), Péter Kondor (viola) and István Balázs (cello). Several pieces by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–1791) has been featured throughout the series, this time an early work, Divertimento in C Major, composed by the genius in 1773, was interpreted by Zsófia Biró, Dóra Gjorgjevic (flute), Tibor Király, Mihály Könyves-Tóth, Tamás Dávida, Ferenc Ács, Bence Kirsch (trumpet) and Ádám Maros (timpani). Pianist Ignaz Pleyel (1757–1831) was a student of the famous Joseph Haydn in Eisenstadt. Today, his name is connected with a company manufacturing pianos he founded – still in business. As a composer, he wrote about 150 pieces, which are played less frequently nowadays. His composition Flute Quartet in D Major, Op. 25, No. 1 was played by János Rácz (flute), Patrícia Fahidi (violin), Jenő Sörös (viola) and László Pólus (cello).

Ballet returned to the programme once again: Chinese Dance (choreographers: Dmitrij Kirejko and Olga Chernakova) from The Nutcracker by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840–1893) was performed by Oliva BobvosRéka Gyöngyösi, Nóra Gáldi, Lilla Emese Varga, Szonja Szélig, Laura Somogyi and Chloé Whitaker, talented students of the Hungarian National Ballet Institute.

The programme directed by András Aczél was hosted by Melitta Gyüdi.

The performance can be viewed HERE.

Photo by Edina Ligeti