Gyula Fekete

The Redeemed Town


Introductory presentation with video screening

Gyula Fekete (1962-) premiered his one-act opera The Redeemed Town at the Opera House on 26 October 2002. In the words of Péter Halász, director of the world premiere, the work “is a bel canto opera, a mellifluous inquisition. Although we're talking about a modern bel canto, it still... contains heartfelt melodies. As the subject indicates, everyone spits on everyone else, everyone betrays everyone else, and the inquisitor cleanses the town morally in order to destroy everybody. An apocalyptic vision.” The libretto was the joint work of Fekete and István Eörsi. Based on the latter's drama of the same name, it harks back to the Hungary of the Kádár era with an analysis of its network of informants.

Hungarian-language discussion programme


Opera House - Confectionary on the 3rd floor