Giacomo Puccini


contemporary opera 16

Opera in three parts, in three acts, in Italian, with Hungarian and English surtitles

After watching David Belasco's play The Girl of the Golden West on his 1907 visit to New York, Puccini resolved to set this somewhat unusual love story of the Wild West to music on the opera stage. The dramatic material proved to be a good choice, with an effectively moving plot that takes viewers to the denouement with a sure hand. The character of Minnie is also a highly suitable addition to Puccini's ranks of heroines: driven by love and passion, she thus has no fear of risking even her own life. 
The piece is staged at the Opera House in a production directed by Vasily Barkhatov, who is regularly engaged to work all over Russia and Europe.

Pietro Rizzo
Csilla Boross
Jack Rance, sheriff
Alexandru Agache
Dick Johnson (Ramerrez), a bandit
Boldizsár László
Nick, bartender
Péter Balczó
Ashby, a Wells Fargo agent
Marcell Bakonyi
Sonora, a miner
Antal Cseh
Trin, a miner
Gergely Ujvári
Sid, a miner
Lajos Geiger
Bello, a miner
Attila Erdős
Harry, a miner
Tivadar Kiss
Joe, a miner
Péter Kiss
Happy, a miner
Róbert Rezsnyák
Jim Larkens, a miner
Géza Gábor
Billy Jackrabbit, a Red Indian
András Kőrösi
Wowkle, his wife
Lusine Sahakyan
Jake Wallace, a traveling camp minstrel
András Káldi Kiss István Kovács
José Castro, a mestizo
András Kiss


Premiere: Dec. 1, 2018

Hungarian State Opera
Hungarian State Opera
Hungarian State Opera
Hungarian State Opera
Hungarian State Opera


I’ve always felt that what kills this work is having paunchy Caruso-type Western characters with big moustaches and revolvers at their sides being forced to sing, ‘Hello, hello, buona sera, ragazzi.’ (…) This time, however, there is no need to believe this. And what remains is the regular opera set-up: the soprano and tenor are in love with each other, but then along comes the baritone.” (Miklós Fáy, Élet és Irodalom)