Vasily Vainonen / Michael Messerer / Boris Asafyev

The Flames of Paris

classic stream 12 premiere

Classical ballet in two acts

Set in the time of the French Revolution and sweeping in its power and tempo, Flames of Paris could be called one of the most successful Soviet ballets; at the initial performances, every last member of the audience stood up and joined the artists in singing La Marseillaise. 
In that time and place this joint effort by the composer, the librettists and the choreographer to create a genuine ballet drama was considered innovative. This emblematic ballet story requires the dancers simultaneously to be capable of demonstrating a high level of skill at both classical ballet technique and character portrayal. At the Budapest Opera it was last put on in 1977, now Michael Messerer reconceives the piece for the Hungarian National Ballet.

(The casting will be done by the right holder at a later point.)

Jeanne, daughter of Gaspard
Tatiana Melnik
Philippe, from Marseille
Gergely Leblanc
Mireille de Poitiers, actress
Anna Krupp
Antoine Mistral, actor
Gergő Ármin Balázsi
The Marquis Costa de Beauregard
Attila Szakács
Sofia Ivanova-Skoblikova
Amour, actress of the court
Miyu Takamori
Gábor Szigeti
Louis XVI, King of France
Attila Szakács
Marie Antoinette
Zsuzsanna Papp
Master of ceremonies
Boris Myasnikov


Premiere: Feb. 6, 2021

Erkel Theatre
Erkel Theatre
Erkel Theatre