György Orbán

Prince Pikkó


Introductory presentation with video screening

Prince Pikkó and Jutka Perzsi, a 1793 work by József Chudy, a Hungarian composer and conductor living in Vienna, was the first Hungarian opera, although the entire score has since been lost. The original libretto was a translation of the play Evakathel und Schnudi by contemporary German author Philipp Hafner, and may have been a parody of singspiel. Presenting the piece was László Kelemen's Hungarian National Playing Troupe, the first company to perform works in Hungarian. Along with new music, György Orbán also wrote a new libretto for Prince Pikkó, which is actually a paraphrase of Romeo and Juliet. With the exception of the ending, the composer faithfully followed the plot of the original work, while leaving out the parodic elements to instead conclude the story with a grim tragedy.
Prince Pikkó, completed in 2000, is the composer's first opera.

Hungarian-language discussion programme


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