September 18., Saturday 19:00

Erkel Theatre – Main stage

Self-Help Soprano Gala for Charity

We are creating a tradition: in the coming five years, we will be organising large, two-part gala nights of piano music, each for an opera singer with a different voice type: admission will be free with seating on a first come, first serve basis. The line taken from Aida and used as the title may make it clear: our sopranos will be launching this “five-year plan”. They each volunteer and then discuss their favourite arias, i.e. the program itself, with themselves: each singer sings one in each act or, if there are many volunteers, one per night. Before the concert, the performers select the colleague to whom they would like to offer their fee for the night: this career is also filled with dangers, traps, private and/or health problems, traumas, and losses. This day should be both about the highly trained professional performers of exquisite music as well as the “Canios” of the profession who need a little assistance as soprano singers. (One year later, the bass singers will be continuing this, what we hope will be a successful and memorable series.)
Featuring the Opera’s charity-minded sopranos and répétiteurs.


Erkel Theatre – Main stage
Sept. 18, 2021
Start time
7 p.m.
End time
9 p.m.
Attila Toronykőy
Hosts of the evening
Melitta Gyüdi Dániel Mona
Speech delivered by
Miklós Szinetár


Premiere: Sept. 18, 2021

Erkel Theatre – Main stage