Performances at the Erkel Theatre

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The Opera House in Budapest is currently undergoing extensive restoration and modernisation. Until its reopening in 2021, our performances can be seen at the Erkel Theatre, the second venue of the Hungarian State Opera.

When completed in 2021, the Budapest Opera will at last be able, as one of the world’s greatest opera complexes, to match the leading European institutions in terms of infrastructure as well.

The modernisation and restoration of the public areas of the palace on Andrássy Avenue began in 2017. During the process, the technical aspects of the stage will be addressed – including the overhead machinery, the replacement of the fly system – as will the repair of doorways and windows, low voltage systems (fire alarm, IT, orientation system) and a modern heating system. Modernising the stage and the machinery is both one of the main reasons for the project and one of its prime elements. The equipment installed in 1984 is worn out after 33 years, and its technical parameters no longer meet today’s requirements, which demand much greater speed and minimal noise. The new machinery being installed will expand the range of available scenic possibilities, meaning that the standard of the Opera House’s machinery will be competitive with other European opera houses

Until the reopening of the Opera House, the second venue of the Hungarian State Opera, the Erkel Theatre welcomes audiences and fans of opera, ballet and classical music.