Gala Concert of the Chorus of the Hungarian State Opera


Among the most majestic events of the Hungarian social calendar and with an unbroken history stretching back nearly 200 years, the Anna Ball held in Balatonfüred owes its success in part to the contributions of the Hungarian State Opera. We have found a location for a summertime gala night on Balatonfüred’s Gyógy Square, which will no doubt prove a worthy venue for the popularisation of opera in the dignified setting that the genre deserves. This is now our Salzburg! This year, the chorus will be giving a choral concert, there will be an opera gala with an orchestra, the ballet will be dancing in the ball garden of the Anna Grand Hotel, and the film of an opera production will be screened as part of the OperaCinema programme.

Free admission


Balatonfüred – Gyógy Square
July 25, 2019
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2019. July 25., Thu, 20:00