Big Projection Day

Children growing up in Hungary will remember the unique and perhaps lost joy of watching slide projections, usually at home with family. This was an age when films didn’t race through jump cuts every two seconds, and there was time for someone to explain what was in the picture and to read the accompanying story. So that we could say, with all the wisdom of a nursery school kid, exactly what the writing up there said. It is the importance of this shared experience with its power to bring families together that the national Big Projection Day, which is holding one of its main events in the Erkel Theatre, wishes to draw attention to. We are inviting both local nursery school groups from District VIII and children of our colleagues to the event. Like last year, the stories will be narrated by a popular television presenter, the father of four children, as we watch the classic slides with a musical backdrop.

Photo by Nagy Attila
Youth programme


2018. November 07., Wed, 10:00
2018. November 07., Wed, 11:00