Amar, the lighthunter


Amar is Freelusion‘s latest feature, a unique, Broadway-style show. This digital and live full-night performance will change the way you look at dance. The show is a mindblowing experience and an audiovisual spectacular.
Freelusion’s brand-new theatre performance is based on various visual elements and talented artists, including dancers, acrobats, stuntmen and women and even dragons.
We have always been known for our epic stage performances combining elements of dance, digital music and immersive storytelling. As with any other Freelusion show, this is the sole work of the creative minds at Freelusion.
Amar is a very kind but a slightly bumbling employee at the Circus, and he always wants to help out. He wishes to impress both the Director and the beautiful Primadonna of the Circus, but fails to attract their attention. One day, following another hopeless attempt to gain their favour, Amar is sadly searching for something in the backstage area when he suddenly falls into a box. A whole new environment opens up in front of him, one that is unfamiliar. He realises that something is glinting upon his chest and immediately dangerous people start to chase him. Soon, he is caught by a headhunter, and realizes that he is in a post-apocalyptic world where there is only desolation. The headhunter wants to take him to Morus, the Emperor of Darkness, but smaller groups of resistants are preparing in the meantime as they have heard from the Prophet that Light is coming. When the resisters realise Amar is the one, they save him to be taken to the evil king and start to train him to be the Fighter to overcome Darkness.

And the adventure begins…

This concert is being presented by Freelusion Kft.


Erkel Theatre
Oct. 13, 2018
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2018. October 12., Fri, 19:00
2018. October 13., Sat, 15:00
2018. October 13., Sat, 19:00