Anna Karenina - Performance of the Eifman Ballet

Ballet performance in two parts, after the novel of Lev Tolstoy

Composer: Piotr Tchaikovsky
Set designer: Zinovy Margolin
Costume designer: Vyacheslav Okunev
Lighting designer: Gleb Filshtinsky
Performed by Masha Abashova, Natalia Povoroznyuk, Oleg Markov, Igor Subbotin, Oleg Gabyshev, Sergey Volobuiev

The production of Anna Karenina by Saint Petersburg's world-famous Boris Eifman Ballet company aims for forceful emotional impacts, which it reaches through precisely depicting the internal emotional energies of the title character. The ballet focuses on the complex system behind the love triangle of Tolstoy's novel and the duality of Anna Karenina's personality. It shows, with the exact and powerful expressive force of body movements instead of with words, a woman reborn through love.
Eifman believes the need for passion is among the most powerful and basic of human instincts, explaining why Karenina is able to sacrifice everything: not only contravening social norms, but also neglecting her maternal obligations. For her, it is more important to subject herself to a sincere passion than it is to at least outwardly maintain the illusion of harmony between duty and real emotions. "Does someone have the right to sacrifice their obligations to their child for the sake of their physical desires? Tolstoy's question, naturally, remains unanswered to this day. But ever since, we have yearned to be understood by others both in life and in death," the choreographer says.
Eifman's choreography has been all over the world, and is a huge success everywhere it is performed, both with the public and and within the profession.


2016. June 05., Sun, 19:00
2016. June 06., Mon, 19:00