Johann Sebastian Bach is one of the paragons of music
history, and is respected by all musicians. It’s no coincidence,
therefore, that the global “Bach in the Subways”
event was organised around his birthday. The Opera
will also be joining in this year, although it’s not easy
to find something from Bach’s universal oeuvre that is
particular suited to us and our mission. So... our solution
is to play one of his secular cantatas, which can
be regarded as a sort of stab at opera. A concert performance
of Coffee Cantata will be held in the Pope John
Paul II Square metro station near the Erkel Theatre.

Conductor: Péter Oberfrank

Featuring: Zita Váradi, Zoltán Megyesi, Zoltán Bátki Fazekas

Free admission


2019. March 23., Sat, 11:00