Carpathian Homeland Tour Plus: Zagreb - Erkel: Hunyadi László

Opera in three acts in Hungarian with surtitles in the appropriate local language

Although we visited 16 cities with ethnic Hungarian populations in the neighbouring countries during our extensive 2017/18 tour, we were naturally unable to make it everywhere. We have always had, however, a standing invitation to visit Zagreb, and so we are adding the Hungarians of Croatia and the members of the country's ethnic majority to the chain – thus reciprocating the Croatian National Theatre in Osijek's performance of Zrínyi on Andrássy Avenue in the autumn of 2016.

Act I
The death of Cillei. Nándorfehérvár(Belgrade) Castle, 1456. Mátyás Hunyadi assembles with his family's supporters in the legendary castle of the Hunyadis, where only a few months earlier János Hunyadi had beaten back an overwhelming Turkish force, thus saving Europe from the Ottoman threat for the next seventy years.
László Hunyadi daydreams about Mária Gara, his betrothed. Rozgonyi warns him of the danger to his life. Cillei arrives, and László Hunyadi confronts him over his murderous plot, prompting Cillei to draw a dagger. László's men, however, jump out from their hiding places and kill the regent. The murder fills the king with terror, and while he does not dare to openly oppose the Hunyadis, he privately plans revenge.

Act II
The king's oath. Onthe Hunyadis' Temesvár (Timișoara) estate, Erzsébet Szilágyi dreads that Cillei's murder will mean death for her sons. Her increasingly raving vision of the future predicts the tragic events to come.
When the king comes to visit, Erzsébet begs him to treat the Hunyadi boys benevolently.
The king feigns friendship. Meanwhile, the king has fallen in love with Mária Gara, which does not escape the notice of her father, the intriguing and power-hungry palatine, Miklós Gara. Erzsébet has only a few minutes to enjoy her sons' presence without worry. The king has summoned them and made a peace offering. Gara plays the contradictory situation to his own ends, fulfilling his political ambitions. The king publicly swears that he will not seek revenge for Cillei's murder.

Intrigues and execution. Buda,1457. The king daydreams about Mária. Gara takes advantage of this, promising the king his daughter's hand, and also lies that the Hunyadis intend to assassinate him at the wedding. The terrified king leaves László's fate to Gara.
Palatine Gara and the king's troops disrupt the wedding of László Hunyadi and Mária Gara and throw László into a dungeon.

General cast

Balázs Kocsár
King László V
Tibor Szappanos
Ulrik Cillei, the regent
István Rácz
Erzsébet Szilágyi
Orsolya Hajnalka Rőser
László Hunyadi
Boldizsár László
Mátyás Hunyadi
Gabriella Balga
Miklós Gara
Zoltán Kelemen
Mária Gara
Erika Miklósa
Mihály Szilágyi
András Káldi Kiss
Máté Fülep


Béni Egressy
Gábor Szűcs
Assistant to the director
Csaba Vasvári
Set designer
Katalin Libor
Costume designer
Enikő Kárpáti
Gergely Csanád Kováts
Croatian surtitles
Viktorija Santic
Acting chorus director
Gábor Csiki


2018. September 11., Tue, 19:30