Johann Sebastian Bach

Christian Cantatas

Cantatas in Hungarian, with Hungarian and English surtitles
For the first time on the programme of the Opera


Although Johann Sebastian Bach never wrote an opera, the vocal portion of his oeuvre is permeated with a profound understanding of and remarkable feel for dramaturgy. It is with such sophistication that he sets – and even creates – the lyrics to the five lines of the staff, and his musical notation woven with the sigh motif of the cross-bearer woven from webs of the double-crosses of sharps notes is sometimes so refined, that performing them amidst large sets in enormous spaces would present a formidable challenge. Nevertheless, the Opera strives to expand the boundaries of the genre, and this spirit is being embodied in yet another experiment: a production that dresses up the great Christ cantatas, written for bass voice, in the additional possibilities available from total art.

General cast

László Bartal
István Kovács
Featuring the
Forte Társulat


Concept by
Szilveszter Ókovács
Hungarian text
János Lackfi
Horváth Csaba
Horváth Csaba
Set designer
Kristóf Kiss Benedek / Zoltán Kalászi
Costume designer
Mari Benedek
Diána Eszter Mátrai

April 2, 2021