Tales of Music series

There are so many possible encounters with music:
one of these that can’t be missed is a meeting between
the child and the giant musical instrument in its full
pomp: the symphony orchestra. The musicians can
reveal many secrets while playing on the stages of the
Opera House and the Erkel Theatre and this is just one
step away from children falling in love with music and
unable to wait for the curtain to go up or even sit in the
orchestra pit themselves…

Folk music or classical music?
Folk songs performed with the rhythms, emphasis and
speed of the language of the given people, with language
being transformed into musical notes. The characteristics
of speech from folk music are transferred to music.
These effects are summed up in playful form from children’s
tales to ballads.
17 November 2018, 10.30 am, Erkel Theatre

Play Conductor

Why do we need a conductor? How do they lead the
orchestra? Could the orchestra play without a conductor?
Anyone can try being an orchestra conductor!
26 January 2019 (Sat), 10.30 am, Erkel Színház

Fairy Tale Music
The most famous fairy tale characters from music history
appear in the music of the symphony orchestra. How can
music tell a story? Together we write a fairy tale set to music.
13 April 2019 (Sat) 10.30 am, Erkel Theatre

Conductor: Dániel Erdélyi
Moderator: Tamás Lakner
Featuring the Miskolc Symphony Orchestra, the Hungarian State Opera
Orchestra and the Duna Symphony Orchestra

Partner: Philharmonia Hungary
More info: filharmonia.hu


Erkel Theatre
April 13, 2019
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2018. November 17., Sat, 10:30
2019. January 26., Sat, 10:30
2019. April 13., Sat, 10:30