Wherlock / Truan


Performance by Ballett Theater Basel

The story of Tevye, the milkman became known over the world thanks to the famous musical, Fiddler on the Roof. This ballet, which is based on the motifs of Sólem Aléchem’s novel, and the music of Kolsimcha, a Swiss band that plays authentic klezmer, was premiered by Ballett Theater Basel in the autumn of 2015. Evoking the life of East European Jews in an intensive and engaging manner, the production was enthusiastically received by audiences and critics alike.
The British Richard Wherlock, who choreographed the production, has led the Ballett Theater Basel since 2001. Formerly, he was the director of Lucerne Ballet and the artistic director of the ballet company of Komische Oper Berlin. “Choreography is my love and my passion, I can't imagine my life without dance” he said once. “You must respect a company’s way of thinking. We all come from different places, have different stories. I’m not especially politically minded, but I consider theatre an amazing opportunity to experience diversity.”

Featuring: Kolsimcha
The members of the ensemble: Olivier Truan – piano, Michael Heitzler – clarinet, Simon Girard – trombone, Barak Mori – double bass, Christoph Staudenman – drums

Choreographer: Richard Wherlock
Composer: Olivier Truan
Set designer: Bruce French
Costume designer: Catherine Voeffray
Animation: Andreas Guzman, Bruce French, Rubén Bañol Herrera
Lighting designer: Jordan Tuinman
Dramaturgs: Hans Kaspar Hort, Bettina Fischer

Tevye, the milkman: Frank Fannar Pedersen
Golde, his wife: Ayako Nakano
Tzeitel, his eldest daughter: Andrea Tortosa Vidal
Hodel, his second daughter: Tana Rosás Suñé
Chave, his third daughter: Dévi-Azélia Selly
Motel, the tailor: Jorge García Pérez
Perchik, a student: Anthony Ramiandrisoa
Fyedka, young Ukrainian: Max Zachrisson
Yente, the matchmaker: Debora Maiques Marin
Lazar Wolf, a bachelor: Javier Rodriguez Cobos
Rabbi: Sergio Bustinduy
Country-folk, wedding guests, refugees: Armando Braswell, Sergio Bustinduy, Luna Bustinduy Mertens, Mirko Campigotto, Alba Carbonell Castillo, Lydia Caruso, Ismael Del Valle, Diego Benito Gutierrez, Rubén Bañol Herrera, Lisa Horten Skilbrei, Gaia Mentoglio, Florent Mollet, Max Ossenberg-Engels, Jorge Garcia Pérez, Anthony Ramiandrisoa, Raquel Rey Ramos, Javier Rodriguez Cobos, Tana Rosás Suñé, Dévi-Azélia Selly, Claudine Schoch, Piran Scott, Andrea Tortosa Vidal, Max Zachrisson

Ballett Theater Basel’s exclusive partners are the Basellandschaftliche Kantonbank and the Pro Helvetia Swiss Foundation for Culture.

The performance is organized by the Budapest Spring Festival.


Erkel Theatre
April 10, 2019
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2019. April 10., Wed, 19:00