Robert North–Bob Downes

Troy Game – with Amazons

All-male ballet parody in one act – female version


American choreographer Robert North originally created this one-ace dance show in 1974 for the male dancers of the London Contemporary Dance Theatre to show, with an ironic slant, the expression in dance of masculinity and the "macho spirit". Its uniqueness arises from the fact that, in the second half of the 20th century, a ballet performance solely by males was a great rarity. Today it is a modern classical and ahas entered into the repertoire of a number of the world's major companies. 
The Hungarian National Ballet, however, has put a twist on the work: departing from tradition, certain of our performances will feature, in place of the men, "amazons" performing sequences of movement of masculine difficulty.
The first time the female version of this work was performed in September 2014 by the Hungarian National Ballet, which was also its European premiere.

Photo by Csibi Szilvia

General cast

1st girl
Anna Krupp / Ágnes Kelemen
2nd girl
Kristina Starostina / Liudmila Mizinova
3rd girl
Ildikó Boros / Sofia Ivanova-Skoblikova
4th girl
Cristina Balaban / Futaba Ishizaki
5th girl
Artemisz Pisla / Emi Uehara
6th girl
Diana Kosyreva / Lea Földi
7th girl
Lili Felméry / Kateryna Tarasova
8th girl
Miyu Takamori / Yourim Lee


Robert North
Bob Downes
Costume designer
Peter Farmer
Julian Moss
Edit Rujsz
Lighting designer
Kirk Bookman

Sept. 27, 2014