V4 Operatour – Székely fonó

The historic and therefore unbreakable cooperation of the Visegrád countries was initiated by József Antall, the prime minister of the first freely elected Hungarian government after the regime change – and we will be remembering the 25th anniversary of his death in December. But now, however, we are announcing an opera tour featuring two works that – in in terms of their composers, stage directors and performers – bring together these four countries at three venues.

Kodály: The Spinning Room

Featuring: István "Szalonna" Pál and his Band (Székely Spinning Room dance house)

25 September 2018, 7 pm, Polish Theatre in Warsaw, Warsaw
27 September 2018, 7 pm, Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava
29 September 2018, 7 pm, Zofin Palace, Prague

The Lady of the house's husband is dying; the woman and her young daughter are soon left bereft. With an aching heart, the mourning widow remembers her younger days, when she was getting to know her future husband. In order to cheer up her saddened daughter, she sings Cockrikoo! to her. While they are getting ready for the funeral, the Lady of the house reminisces further and further back into the past, recalling how she and her suitor were married. The lovely memory of the wedding, however, is suddenly overshadowed by the ominous appearance of the Flea. The Lady of the house continues with her recollections, recalling the birth of their daughter. After the funeral, she erupts in grief into the Ballad of the Bad Wife. Suddenly, she seems to see her dead husband in front of her again, but then is forced to realize that it was only an illusion. Feeling bitter, she goes to bed and – refusing to accept either comfort or food from her daughter – she is gradually consumed by sorrow. Her daughter mourns her in silence. The Lady of the house and her husband are reunited in heaven.


Varsó – Lengyel Színház
Sept. 25, 2018
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Petr Popelka
The lady of the house
Atala Schöck
Her suitor
Zsolt Haja
A young man
Gergely Ujvári
Neighbour/The mother of the young man
Bernadett Wiedemann
A girl
Orsolya Sáfár
The flea
Zoltán Gradsach
The mother of the girl
Lúcia Megyesi Schwartz


Michał Znaniecki
Set designer
Luigi Scoglio
Assistant to the set designer
Alejandro Contreras Cortés
Costume designer
Magdalena Dabrowska
Animation and lighting designer
Bogumił Palewicz
Zsolt Juhász
Assistant to the choreographer
Edit Marosi
Judit Kenesey
English surtitles
Elisabeth M. Lockwood
Chorus director
Gábor Csiki


2018. September 25., Tue, 19:00
2018. September 27., Thu, 19:00
2018. September 29., Sat, 19:00