László Ágoston

Opera singer, director
László Ágoston was born in 1986 in Budapest, where he studied at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music under Lujza H. Németh (voice) and Rita Széll (solfège/musici theory). In parallel with these, he also studied journalism-marketing and public relations at the Budapest College of Communication and Business. In 2008, he returned to the Liszt Academy to study with Sándor Sólyom-Nagy, and also took part in Éva Marton's workshop and László Polgár's master class. He took part in numerous concerts during his university years and collaborated on the opera examinations several times. After completing his studies, he set himself to organising the Moltopera Company in order to bring the genre of opera closer to the younger generations. He works as a singer, presenter and director.