Ilona Bencze


After graduating from the College of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest in 1972, Ilona Bencze went on to join the company of the Madách Theatre, where she remained until 1991. In 1991 and 1992 she appeared at Kecskemét's Katona József Theatre, and has worked freelance ever since. She received the Mari Jászai Award in 1988 and was named an Artist of Merit in 2015. She has performed at the Örkény Theatre, Budapest 'Játékszín' performing arts centre, the Turay Ida Theatre and the Jászai Mari Theatre. She has appeared in roles in films, television and radio. At the Madách Theatre, she appeared in a number of musical and prose pieces, including Cats (Grizabella), The Phantom of the Opera (Madame Giry) and Run for Your Wife 2 (Mary Smith).


2019. September 19.2019-09-19
Billy Elliot - The Musical
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Billy Elliot - The Musical
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Billy Elliot - The Musical