Patrícia Horváth

Patrícia Horváth began dancing in productions of the Rock Theatre (Les Misérables, Chess, Miss Saigon) when she was 16. In 1997, she earned a bilingual (French and Hungarian) degree in international economics from what was then the College of Foreign Trade. She graduated in 2004 from the musical theatre directing programme at the University of Theatre and Film Arts, where Miklós Szinetár was her advisor. After obtaining her diploma, she worked as an assistant lecturer in the choreography programme alongside István Iglódi. Between 1998 and 2002, she worked as chief editor on Sándor Friderikusz's television programmes, in parallel with her university studies. She then worked as a freelance director in Szolnok and Nyíregyháza from 2004 until 2006, when she moved on to the Csokonai Theatre in Debrecen, directing there until 2015 while simultaneously teaching in the theatre's studio, staging training productions, and serving as production manager for the festivals, workshops and guest performances organised there. She also acted as an assistant director for Attila Vidnyánszky, Silviu Purcarete and Nadine Duffaut both in Hungary and in France. Since 2014, she has taught musical stage technique to students in the opera programme at the Béla Bartók High School of Music. She made her Opera House directing debut with the piece Two Women.