Márk Lakatos

Set and costume designer
Stylist, show director, fashion journalist and costume designer Márk Lakatos was born in Budapest in 1977 and studied law at Eötvös Lóránd University, tourism management in Madrid and, later, film history and aesthetics in the aesthetics department at the University of Pécs. He first started working as a stylist in 2001 and gained widespread exposure in 2003 from the Megasztár television talent search programme. An instructor at the Werk Academy since 2007, he is also the art director of the magazine Style and was named “stylist of the year” in 2004 and 2011. As a designer, he has worked on several occasions with the Móricz Zsigmond Theatre in Nyíregyháza and with the LA Dance Company headed by Andrea Ladányi. His theatrical credits include BL, The Wanderer, Gastroballet, Cabaret, Stonemason Kelemen, Piaf, Prospero Terminal, Szeress.com, Do You Love Me?, Trio, tunde@csongor.hu, Tempest and 2 solo 1 duet. The Magic Cupboard is his first assignment at the Hungarian State Opera.