Péter Varsányi


Born in Budapest in 1993, Péter Varsányi has been a student in the stage and puppet directing course at the University of Theatre and Film Arts since 2012. He was drawn to the arts and creative activities from an early age, having written ever since childhood, starting with novellas, and later moving on to poetry, song lyrics and criticism. In parallel with this, he pursued studies in music, playing piano and drums, and was a member of both the Eötvös József High School chorus and the BEÜT “downtown” percussion ensemble. His interests focused on the theatre during his high school years, which saw him both performing and serving as dramaturg in several school productions. His principal theatrical works include Tales of La Fontaine (2014, at Győr's Iron Rooster Puppet Theatre), Eugène Ionesco's La Leçon (2015, at the University of Theatre and Film Arts) and The Golden Flower Pot (2016, an adaptation of E.T.A. Hoffmann's novella that he developed together with Kornél Laboda and directed).