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The oak-covered guest hall of the royal box was named for its sour cherry coloured silk textiles.

The floors are adorned with oak mosaics, with a stucco relief under the ceiling. The coffers on the walls and ceilings are decorated with Mór Than’s mythological cycles. Dawn and Night are found on the walls, with Eos shown scattering roses on the former and Artemis with a bow in her hand on the latter. The work on the ceiling is dedicated to praising beauty itself. One of the paintings on its side shows the Three Graces, which is a reference to accord; the other shows the figures of Amore and Psyche, representing harmony. The composition entitled The Judgement of Paris is located between these two works, which places Paris’s golden apple, which he hands over to the fairest one, i.e. Aphrodite (instead of Hera and Pallas Athena), in the middle both visually and as regards its message.

The salon has retained its original function: it is still used to receive notable persons and is used for stars of the opera world (e.g. Plácido Domingo, Renée Fleming and Iréne Theorin) to meet representatives of the press, talk to reporters, and give exclusive interviews to the Hungarian press.