Levente Szörényi – János Bródy


youth programme 4

In Brief

The greatest hits of the rock-opera in its original arrangement, with a child cast

Performance length: , without intermissions

The Hungarian State Opera believes that it is very important to serve not only its opera-loving audience, but also to think about the next generation of operagoers, to involve children and the youth. So, in addition to its programmes aimed at them, and in addition to operas and ballets specifically for young audiences, it occasionally stages short versions of certain works starring children. This time the legendary rock opera Stephen, the King by Levente Szörényi and János Bródy, the story of Hungary's first saint king, has been chosen for this purpose, and audiences have already seen a shortened, child-friendly version of it at other venues, entitled Stephen, the King Goes to School, directed by Pál Feke. In the 2023/24 season, the OPERA will host and present this existing production in the cosy and youthful Eiffel Art Studios. Then, if there are any children who are up for it, they will have the opportunity to see the “grown-up” Stephen, the King in Miklós Szinetár's exciting 2020 production.

We wish to inform you that we occasionally use light and sound effects that may be disturbing or excessively bright for some members of the audience.

This production is brought to you by Zikkurat Kft. and Melody Kft.


"We have every reason to believe that the competent musicians and teachers of the Opera have chosen carefully and well; all the singers have the necessary vocal and singing skills. The show's noisy success is appreciated with love by even those who do not have a single relative or acquaintance among the many nice and skillful actors. The crowd of performers do not stay within the confines of the stage, but also enters and surrounds the auditorium (at least on two sides). This way we are able to join in or at least feel the intense joy, enthusiasm and energy of the performers."

Andrea Stuber, Színház.net